Treasure Trove Sales & Consignment FAQs


Do you offer pick-up or delivery?
Yes, for most items and at a small fee. The average cost is $20 but that will vary depending on number of items and distance from the shop.
What sorts of things do you consign?
Most anything! Insurance regulates a few things but ultimately, if what you have is very clean, in excellent condition, and something you feel like someone else would be happy to buy, chances are that we can consign it for you! Please call the shop to ask about more specific items between the hours of 11am-6pm, at (360) 260-4956.


Do you offer sales or discounts?
Because we get new items out onto the sales floor every single day we are open, it would not be fair to offer blanket sales or discounts.  We do, however, offer in-store coupons through our Facebook account and throughout the community.
What is your return policy?
For the safety of our consignors, once money is placed into their account, it cannot be removed.  Therefore, all sales are final. We do our best to make sure all items are in great condition and working order, but please inspect your items carefully before purchase.
Are your items priced as marked or do you negotiate?
Consignors are guaranteed 30 days at their original asking price before negotiations will be considered. After 30 days, customers may make offers and we will call the consignor to ask if they wish to accept it. After an item has been in the shop for 60 days, it will likely receive a red sale sticker with a discounted price.
Will you help me get large purchases into my car?
You will need to bring help with you to load your merchandise. Please bring your own padding, packing materials, rope/tie-downs, etc. Insurance regulations prevent our staff from securing the load in your vehicle. If we are able, we will try to help move the item to your car, but many times we do not have the man (or woman) power.


If I have furniture to consign, what is the procedure?
The first step is to send a text of a picture to 360-566-3176. Please provide (if you can) the brand name, when purchased, and for how much you purchased it for. Once we receive your picture, we will respond as soon as possible with how to proceed.
I just have clothes and/or small stuff to consign. How do I do that?
Call in to make an appointment. You may bring in up to 20 items per month, per family.  Items must be very clean, in excellent working condition, with no dust or odors. Clothing must be stain free, folded, and not wrinkled as much as possible. Lamps, toys, etc., that require bulbs, batteries, etc, must be brought in with those so that customers may see your item in good working order. All 20 items must be brought in a box that is clearly labeled with your name.
When do you accept items for consignment?
Furniture and fine jewelry are accepted anytime, as long as we have room. We suggest calling ahead to confirm space availability. Otherwise, from Sept-May, we accept 20 items per month per family, between the 1st and 20th of the month until we are full. During June and July, we accept items between the 1st-10th of the month in preparation of our annual inventory count. We do not accept any consignments during the month of August, other than furniture.  (August is when we complete our annual inventory assessment).
How much will you sell my items for?
That depends. As a general rule, we ask all of our consignors to keep their asking price to approx. 30% of the original retail price. Some consignors bring a list indicating how much they would like us to sell their items for. Other consignors ask us to, “make this turn into money,” in which case, we price things according to what they are competing with in the store or what we have sold similar items for in the past. It is up to you as the consignor.
How long do you keep my consigned items for?
The consignment period is 90 days. If we do not hear from you within a week of your 90th day, your item becomes store property. If we have space issues, your non picked up items will be donated to the appropriate charity. If your item did not sell, you are more than welcome to come in within a week of the expiration date to retrieve it. Please note that it will be your responsibility to locate any unsold items. Items that have reverted to store property that are “claimed” will be subject to storage fees of $4.00 per day.
Will you call me when my items sell?
Because we have over 12,000 consignment accounts, we are unable to call when items sell.  You are able to call and check on your account once a month during the open consignment period to see how your things are selling. Or, you can come back at the end of your 90-day period and pick up unsold items and funds for what was sold. We just ask that you call one day in advance so we can have your check ready for you. You will need to locate your items for pick up, so plan a little time for looking around 🙂
What sells the best?
As a general rule, furniture and jewelry sell the best followed by “unusual or hard to find” items. Household décor items would be next in line and then women’s clothing and accessories.  There is no way of knowing, though, what people may be looking for.
What happens if my items do not sell and I want them back?
You can reclaim unsold items during the week after their expiration.  Please remember it is your responsibility to know when items expire. Unclaimed items become the property of The Treasure Trove so they can be clearanced or donated.
If my items do not sell and I do not want them back, what happens to them?
That depends. We have about 17 different charities that we support, so we donate items to the most appropriate charity. We also keep a private list of local, low-income families for whom we sell expired merchandise for and then we surprise those families with a gift of money. You may choose where you want items donated or you can leave it up to us to get the items to the place most fitting.
How do I get paid?
As long as you have more than $5.00 on your account, you can call one day ahead and have a cash or check settlement ready for you to sign for and pick up anytime between the 1st-20th of the month. Or, you may use your credit in-store as long as the manager of the shop is in and able to check your account balance.
Does your insurance cover my items while they are on consignment with you?
The consignor retains ownership of all consigned items and therefore, will need to be covered under your own renters or home owner’s insurance. The Treasure Trove will do its utmost to care for and protect your items but the shop, nor its staff, are responsible for lost or damaged items. People use our services because they know they can trust us but sometimes there are things outside of our control. For added security, we do have theft prevention cameras and a security system.